To all my Aussie starcraft bro's

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Incase you're not aware this weekend at the Melbourne Esports Open there will be a starcraft Open bracket tournament.


If you've secured yourself a pass to MEO you're free to sign up and join in the action.

There's no league limit and prizes will be given to people in all leagues for things like deepest run player in gold etc.

I'd love to see some more fresh faces enter the scene and get to know our local pros.

The event will also have the offline finals for the Anzseaproleague finalshttps://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/ANZ_Proleague_Season_4

Where Legacy gaming will be fighting SEAOUTCast for first place.

We've never had an offline Team league finals so im sure its going to be an awesome experience!

** Edit **


This is a two day event starting at 10;10:30am - 8-10pm


hope to see you there!

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