The fact that the Thor is the only unit to break the fourth wall by saying "I am here, click me" is

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Beneath his meathead fa├žade, the Thor is operator is a deeply sensitive individual; years of meditation on life and death in the midst of war have left him painfully aware of the fleetingness and ultimate unimportance of his own existence, and yet he yearns to be seen, to be heard, to be touched, to be clicked.

Let's analyze some of his other quotes to see what we can learn from him:

  • Hit Me

The thor operator knows that he is powerless to control his own fate and this has made him numb to experience, and so he craves any sensation that might stimulate his animal instincts and make him feel truly alive.

  • Got something for me?

Having traveled the universe and spoken with countless individuals of different species, the Thor operator understands that we all contain wisdom and that the only way to learn from others is to really ask and really listen.

  • I'm wasting away here!

While accepting the inevitability of death, the thor operator nevertheless seeks to self-actualize in the short time alloted to him.

  • I am heavy metal

The thor operator realizes that while there is such a thing as consciousness, that we are ultimately physical beings and that our consciousness is defined and constrained by our physical architecture; for the thor operator, he feels a unity of mind and body.

I have learned a lot from listening to the Thor quotes and I hope all of you do too.


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