Hi reddit! I'm manager of fantasy's fan plz vote him!

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Hi reddit fans! I'm twitch chat manger in Fantasy's stream. I wanna introduce FanTaSy as big fan of him.

First the reason he choose sc2 except bw is he has regret of sc2 careers before he goes to military service. He said Then when I saw MMA and Patience's stream, I gained passion in sc2 again, and he become attend many tournaments in sc2

Also I know 'FanTaSy gg' but I wanna say he always give up hardly, and he has passion in his game There are some people don't like it but I think It is passion of SC2

FanTaSy has a dream that he wanna challenge bilizcon again. If you wanna see his passion and enthusiasm in sc2, with greatest gamer in the world, I want YOU to vote FanTaSy!

Maybe even for Fantasy, it is now the last chance in Fantasy Star 2 game. This is because he is the oldest of the current Star 2 players. Old fans of fantasy want him to live a long career as a gamer.

I'll beg foreign fans to do it's done.

Please vote for Fantasy. He will repay with a good game.

And He will DOMINATE!

Thks to watching fantasy's streaming!

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