Need help to figure out build orders

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I started playing like 3 days ago, and figured I would look around for buildorders. So far I've been navigating through starcraft myself with terran. I have found this probably very popular BO https://lotv.spawningtool.com/build/49773/.

It's literally called beginner opening so I can't possibly fuck it up that hard (I was wrong). First of an instant SCV. Alright. Then a second at 00:13. OK. But then it tells me to build a supply depot at 00:18. I've seen YT vids of people placing a depot at 00:17, but I just don't have the minerals at 00:18. The absolute earliest I have managed to place it was lik 00:25, and thats with spamming the build hotkey and placing it directly next to the SCV that builds it. Then the next thing is placing a barrack at 00:40 and getting 2 more SCVs, but I'm not even close to being able to afford that at 00:40.

Am I missing something? Do BOs only work at a certain game speed? Or is the BO for an old version of starcraft before some patch? Or do BOs only work on certain maps?

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