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This week is one of the hardest weeks yet, we thought that Assembly of Vengeance was hard. There are a lot of things that I could go into to make every second of this mutation better, but I'll save Commander specific things for the individual write-ups. Things that help for all commanders: player 1 will be the commander that gets the first life of the first train so putting a good early game commander as player 1 will help, once you get to the first set of double trains will be a telling point of the run, if you can clear them with little problem you should be able to steamroll if not then restart and try to get a better comp or better macro, you might want to be on voice chat to talk with your ally to make communication better, lastly checking the Shield Icons for who can deal with the trains at any given moment is critical (one will need to start to clear the escort and the other will need to deal with the train then switch). Try your best and be prepared to try a lot. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/449979266

Last weeks all commanders is here https://youtu.be/iD3BNJG1ar4



3 Karax


- Okay commander for this week, although static defense might make the most sense on first glance you will need mobile force so go for Immortals.

- Be sure to get some Spear of Adun upgrades so that you can get some extra DPS, but be sure to only use the Spear against the units not the trains.

- You can add some Monoliths and Cannons along the tracks once you start to build up minerals.

- Shadow Cannon is good for burst DPS or for the random air units that might show up.





3 Stukov


- Not the best this week, Banshee are probably the best unit here.

- Infested are helpful and can make a difference but you will still find it hard this week.

- Most attack waves will still have air units so you will need to add a few Liberators.

- Unless your partner is also going air, your units will not target the ground units so your ally might take more damage (as the Banshee might not target Immortals until the very end).

- Alexander is great for holing units back but the DPS isn't that great, Apocalisk is good for DPS but pulls a lot of agro.




3 Tychus


- Not the best this week, as your army is so small and you need a lot of resources to really start to make a difference. You want to go for Sam, Vega, Cannonball, then Nikara or Rattlesnake.

- Odin is good for at least a few of the trains but to be honest it wont make a huge difference.

- Try to get at least 3 Outlaws and Sam's upgrades first then work on the rest.

- Your army will need to have a lot of hot pick-ups to survive.

- Its going to be very tough to kill the escorts and kill the trains so work with your partner to call out units and the trains.




3 Nova


- Not the best this week, her army is slow and never going to be that big so its hard to survive attacks without a lot of Defensive Drones, you will run out of them.

- Liberators are great for the trains, Tanks will help as well.

- Ravens should be used to tank so hits (using their Turrets).

- It's nice to start out attack with the Griffin Air Strike, but that will only effect half the units.

- Snipe can be used well here, but be sur that the enemy has a red circle so that you don't waste energy.




2 H & H


- Good commander for this week, you will need a ground comp to really get the most out of your army.

- Strike Platforms are a huge DPS.

- You will want a healthy amount of Hellions for their anti-armor and DPS.

- Be sure to add some Ravens for the increased DPS.

- Mid game you will want to start to add at least Wraiths to your army to increase DPS.

- Watch out for your Galleons so that you don't lose them, turning them into Carriers versions will help but will take up supply that you might want.



2 Stetman


- Okay commander for this week, Ultras are probably the best bet this week, Infesters can do well but if you waste a set of Roaches (all ally isn't in the right location) you might find that you don't have enough to snowball.

- Ultras can do well to keep alive but you will find that you need to be switching fields a lot.

- Lings are good to add to any comp and think about Hydras as well.

- Because of Polarity Super Gary might not do as much as you like in the early game.

- Upgrades as always.

- Be sure to use all you charges on Super Gary to ensure the survivability of your army.



2 Zagara


- Okay commander for this week, Lings Aberrations and Banes should be all that you need.

- Try to not just amove the Banes as they will just attack the train, try to move command then a-move on top of the enemy.

- Aberrations are a great way to get good DPS against the trains, although the issues with the train damage makes any melee unit not the best for train damage.

- Be sure to micro Zagara well to ensure the most DPS and to keep her alive.





2 Alarak


- Good commander for this week, surviving until your Ascendants have enough stacks is the hard part.

- Structure Overcharge will still attack the closest unit so you can waste an entire charge if the RNG isn't in your favor and an ally isn't around.

- It's best to attack the waves right as they spawn to ensure that every Orb will hit every unit.

- You will need a lot of Supplicants to ensure that you get enough energy.

- Alarak is good for crowd control and you can even use him to get more damage out of each Orb attack by pushing them back into the Orb attack.




2 Raynor


- Good commander for this week, all units are helpful, some of the best DPS are going to be Vultures Tanks and Banshee.

- Hyperion should be good for the first train, and the Banshee for the second attack wave and rocks.

- Once you start building up minerals think about Vultures for at least the trains so you can just mass Spider Mines on the tracks.

- Upgrades as always.





2 Swann


- Mass Tanks against a ground comp with Turret support is the best way to do this one.

- Laser Drill is great for dealing with the escorts (if you use the Drill right as the way spawns).

- Call downs are great for added DPS and to tank damage.

- Hopefully you get a all ground comp so that you don't have to make any Goliaths.

- Once you feel good about the amount Tanks and Turrets in the front be sure to get a lot more further back along both sets of tracks.




2 Kerri


- Good commander for this week, Ultras of Mutas will work here depending on the comp.

- Add Lings for Shredding Claws.

- Mutas are the best DPS you can get and they will shred an army, they do however have low health and wont prioritize ground units so your ally might have a tougher time.

- You want at least 3 Omega Worms to help with movement and to tank attacks.

- Once you have a large number of Mutas it will be a bit of a juggling act to micro Kerrigan and keep all the Mutas alive.

- Upgrades as always and don't forget to keep making a least a few Lings for the armor reduction.



2 Dehaka


- Good commander for this week, either Mutas or Impalers will do well this week.

- I like Impalers more here but that requires a ground comp, they synergize well with Dehaka with Tenderize.

- Call downs are the only way to get enough DPS for the early trains.

- be sure to no move out your forces until they are the upgraded version that you are going for.

- Hopefully you can use Dehaka for the escorts and the Impalers for the trains.




2 Fenix


- Good commander for this week, you want to have Robo Gateway comp.

- Immortals and Colossus are great for train DPS.

- Fenix can do well in his suits but you still need to micro him well and have a partner around so that you don't waste all your energy.

- Arbiter Cloak, is good for the early game, and Stasis is better for the last train so just gun down the last train.

- It might be better to go for Adepts from the Gateway as they have more DPS but they require gas so you might end up just going for Zealots.




2 Abathur


- Good commander for this week, but he requires a really tight build and some good partners that will help with Biomass.

- You want a ground comp and to make a lot of Guardians so that you can get the DPS you need.

- Spines will help a lot in the early game to increase the DPS against the trains.

- the hardest part will be the transition from a few Brutalisks to the air army without losing too many units, and keeping up DPS against the trains.





2 Vorazun


- Great support commander for this week, She can add some great crowd control and DPS especially against a ground comp.

- Add some Corsairs no matter what for crowd control.

- Black Hole is best used when the attack waves first spawn to grab every unit at the same time, but be sure to use it no matter what either way.

- DT's will use Shadow Strike against units that they cant even hit so either turn it off or get used to wasting a lot of charges.

- TS should be used almost ASAP, there are few times it makes sense to wait a bit but that will be before the double trains.




2 Zeratul


- Great commander for this week, Dark Archon call down and: DTS or Stalkers or Immortals are great for this one.

- I would go for the Dark Archons, Monoliths, Blink Charges, and the Avatar of Essence for this one.

- If you get a good ground comp DTs might be the best, Add a few Stalkers for the small number of air units.

- Save the Avatar of Essence for the double trains and if you have the AMP you should turn off auto cast so that you can be sure to have enough charges of the Devolution to hit both trains.

- A few Cannons on the Ramps can help a lot but the will die if your partner doesn't have a few as well.



1 Artanis

- The best commander for this week; Guardian Shell, Shield Overcharge and good DPS makes him super good this week.

- Mass Reavers, Dragoons and Immortals; Zealots are for crowd control and for some units to hold enemies in place for Solar Bombardment.

- You want to be player 1 so that you can use Solar Bombardment right away on the train, this will also give your ally more time to get the DPS needed for the first train.







Tier 1 Artanis, he really is the best this week.

Tier 2 Commanders that can hold their own and help wo finish the mutation.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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