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Hey there fellow gamers!

We are researchers from Northeastern University who love games and want to better understand players. We need your help!

Help with what? For our current research we are seeking volunteers to participate in our study to identify player types across different player communities. We identified a number of specific player communities and the Starcraft community is one of them! In return for all of your help, we will report our results and insights back to the community.

What do you need to do? Instead of filling out a traditional survey, you will be asked to play a very short game. After completion of the game, you will immediately receive your player profile. You are then asked to answer some questions that will help us better understand these results.

Playing the game and completing the survey will take you about 15 minutes. All data collection is anonymous.

Note: you will need to be 18+ in order to participate. Please indicate what game community you belong to by selecting the game at the end of the experience.

Where can I play? You can find our player profiling game here: https://studycrafter.com/gamified-surveys/

Want to be more involved? After this study, we will run several other studies on this topic. If you want to be involved with these studies too, please send an email to [email protected]. We will add you to our mailing list.

Note: we made our games with StudyCrafter, a new tool to make games with. It’s still very much in development but please check out if you get a chance. See https://studycrafter.com

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