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Hey everyone, so based off the title of this posts you can see that i am new player to SC2. I have played the terran campaign but not the Zerg or Protoss. I have played the basic versus mode with the CPU and here is what i have though i learned. Plus correct me if im wrong. Ill point out i know Warcraft 3 and SC2 arent the same game but ill compare them race wise



So basically a combo of Humans and Orcs.


Pros: Good ships and mass units like firebats that can deal with zerg and smaller units.

Cons: semi slow early game. doesnt get going until the mid to late game.




Basically the Undead of SC

Pro: Good early game rush and speed building.

cons: very weak units by themselves.



Combo of night elves and Orcs


Pro: very good early game with units like Stalkers and others.

con: not very at dealing with Air or swarm attacks in the early game if you dont build fast.


Now im sure im not correct with this but please inform me.


The final question i have is. what are the typical strats most people use for the races? i would love to know.

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