Co-Op Mutation #165: Assembly of Vengeance

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On your left, Commanders! Amon, the puny god, has a hulking army inbound. Dread it, run from it, the waves still arrive; hitting all sides. Thus your defense must be perfectly balanced, as all things should be. This is the only way to prove that you love the Temple's 3000 HP.

Map: Temple of the Past

Heroes from the Storm
Every attack wave will be led by a random Hero of increasing power. Each Objective point is also guarded by three random Heroes.
Enemy units gain increased attack speed, armor, and life when nearby enemy units die.

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
[CtG(Zeratul)] Hunter(Nova) REAL Game; Cannon Spam
[CtG(Dehaka)] [Yuriprime(Abathur)] Custom Game; Perfect clear; Toxic Nest Camp
[CtG(Kerrigan)] Spohky(Alarak) Custom Game; Omega Worm Block
[CtG(Fenix)] Windrunner(Zagara) Custom Game; Perfect clear
[CtG(Stetmann)] [Aommaster(Tychus)] Custom Game
[CtG(Raynor)] Aommaster(Artanis) Custom Game; Perfect clear; Spider Mine Camp
[CtG(Swann)] [Aommaster(Vorazun)] Custom Game; Stasis Ward Camp

Enemy Heroes

Hero Health Abilities
Raynor 1000 Penetrating Round
Tychus 1000 Shredder Grenades
Dehaka 1500 Drag, Heal, Dehaka Spawns
Karax 1500 Reclamation, spawn Cannons/Monoliths
Nova 2250 Snipe, Nuke
Zagara 2250 Mass Frenzy, Baneling Barrage, Roach Drop, Hunter Killers
Zeratul 4000 Void Armor, Shadow Blade
Artanis 4000 Astral Wind, Lightning Dash, Resurgence
Kerrigan 5000 Primal Slash, Psi Strike, Apocalypse

Hero Spawns

Time Lane Hero   Time Lane Hero
  Pattern A [Ground Hybrid]       Pattern B[Air hybrid]  
3:00 Middle Raynor   3:00 Middle Raynor
4:10 Middle Tychus   4:10 Middle Tychus
6:00 Middle [Ground Hybrid] Dehaka   6:00 Middle [Air Hybrid] Dehaka
6:45 Middle Raynor   6:45 Middle Raynor
7:30 Middle Tychus   7:30 Middle Tychus
9:00 Sides Dehaka, Karax   9:00 Top or Bottom Dehaka, Karax
10:00 Sides Nova, Zagara   10:00 Sides Nova, Zagara
11:00 Sides Karax, Nova   11:00 Bottom or Top Karax, Nova
12:00 Middle Zagara   12:00 Middle Zagara
12:30 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan   12:30 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan
13:15 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan   13:35 Bottom Side Karax/Nova/Zagara
18:00 Top Side Karax/Nova/Zagara (x2)   18:00 Top Side or Middle Karax/Nova/Zagara or Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan
18:15 Bottom Side Karax/Nova/Zagara   18:15 Bottom Side or Middle Karax/Nova/Zagara or Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan
20:00 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan   20:00 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan
22:00 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan   22:30 Sides Karax/Nova/Zagara (x2)
22:30 Sides Karax/Nova/Zagara (x2)   23:30 Top Side Karax/Nova/Zagara
23:30 Top Side Karax/Nova/Zagara   23:40 Bottom Side Karax/Nova/Zagara
23:40 Bottom Side Karax/Nova/Zagara   24:40 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan
24:40 Middle Artanis/Zeratul/Kerrigan   24:40 Sides Karax, Nova
24:40 Sides Karax, Nova (x2)        

[Image version of attack wave spawns with heroes and thrashers]


Other Notes:

  • The enemy heroes spawn far ahead of the attack wave, so camping the wave spawn with mines will not affect the heroes.

  • Sniping the hero first will prevent the rest of the wave from giving him/her the Avenger buff.

  • Avenger can buff units up to ten times, with each increasing HP and shields by 10%, life regen by 1 per second, armor by 0.3, and attack and movement speed by 10%.

  • Units that get the Avenger buff also grow in size to give players a visual indicator.

  • Mind-controlling/Reclaiming Avenger-buffed enemy units will cause them to lose the Avenger buff.

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Commander of the Previous Week: [Tychus, Nova]!
Previous Week(Burning Evacuation): [2.15/5.00(Easy)]
Previous Week Approval Rating: [0.70]

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