Guns and Roaches are looking for more players!

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Hello /r/Starcraft,

The Chobo Team League (CTL) is currently on its way to its 22nd Season, and Guns and Roaches are looking for more people to add to its family. I've found my greatest improvement in this clan and I've created long-lasting friendships, I personally have been in Guns and Roaches since 2014. If you want to skip right to joining us, come say hello in our discord, link below.

Guns and Roaches have been around since 2012 and have been a participant in the Chobo Team League since it's inception. In GnR you'll find a lot of passion, a handful of memes, and many people to practice with. Our biggest issue, as with all SC2 Clans, is that our lower league players get promoted quickly. We are seriously under-represented in our Gold, Plat, and Diamond leagues and that's what brings me here. If you're looking to improve or looking to take the first step into the competitive environment, you're in the right thread.

We provide low and mid-level coaching, enough to pull you into Diamond and give you the tools and contacts you need to succeed further. Aside from our participation in the Team League we also run internal challenges, events, and tournaments, including an in-house pizza tournament.



Chobo Team League Application

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