Dark Horse Reveals New StarCraft 2 Protoss Carrier Replica

StarCraft 2 comicbook

Dark Horse Direct and Blizzard Entertainment have teamed up yet again for the release of a high-end replica of one of StarCraft II's most powerful warships: the Protoss Carrier. The companies previously teamed up for the StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser, an equally high-end replica. According to Dark Horse, the StarCraft: Protoss Carrier Replica is about 18" in length and made from polyresin with prototyping, sculpting, and painting from Gentle Giant Studios. Also? It weighs around 35lbs, so be prepared for that.

Additionally, the replica includes a metal display post to place it on in order to make it appear as if it were flying. The oval base also includes a Protoss logo relief. And while it might look spiffy and nice under normal light, the blue elements actually glow in the dark under UV light. 



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