Who triumphed in the series final at Week 6 of Xel’Naga Finest?

StarCraft 2 Redbull

The final Xel’Naga Finest tournament has wrapped! 162 players signed up for the final edition of our weekly StarCraft 2 tournament; Piotr ‘souL’ Walukiewicz fought all the way through the bracket as the eight seed, where he beat tournament favourite Clément ‘Clem’ Desplanches to meet last week's finalist Mikołaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski in the grand finals.

Both gamers played gruelling matches in the semi-finals, which meant that the finals themselves started later than in the previous editions. With both players tired but hungry for blood, who was going to win? The Terran famous for building a massive amount of Command Centers or one of the most accomplished Zerg players in the West? 


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