BlizzCon 2019: Starcraft 2 Welcomes Arcturus Mengsk As Newest Co-op Commander

StarCraft 2 Player One

Starcraft 2 announced that the last co-op Commander to join the roster is none other than Arcturus Mengsk. Fans of the franchise should be familiar with the name, as he was the one who left Sarah Kerrigan to the Zergs on Tarsonis.

In StarCraft 2's Co-op Missions, players take the role of different commander characters from the StarCraft universe. Each commander possesses unique abilities and upgrades. They also give special bonuses to their armies. Players battle across a series of special scenarios together in order to level-up their commanders.

So what does Mengsk offer? As someone who rules with an iron first, he can cement his power early in the game while putting pressure on his enemies. With the help of long-range artillery,


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