StarCraft 2's HomeStory Cup Tournament Series Should Be Copied More

StarCraft 2 screenrant

StarCraft 2's HomeStory Cup tournament series is one of the most entertaining esports events around, and it's a formula that should be copied - at least, some of its elements should be - by more organizers moving forward. It's yet another example of how StarCraft 2 has managed to remain relevantdespite occupying a more niche role in the world of esports, and tournaments like HomeStory Cup are exactly why, as they embrace the role of the game instead of attempting to artificially inflate it to levels of viewership and ubiquity it doesn't currently call home.

For those unfamiliar, HomeStory Cup is a tournament organized by Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen. It first began with TaKe inviting players from around the world to compete in his home studio for a cash prize, and has grown into one of the premiere events of the year whenever it takes place.


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