StarCraft fan-remake mod Mass Recall for StarCraft 2 is finally complete

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After some delays, StarCraft: Mass Recall is complete and ready to play. It’s a StarCraft 2mod remake of the original StarCraft’s campaign, expansion, demo and more. Better still, it’s compatible with the free SC2 Starter Edition, effectively making it a free game. When I last covered this and other SC2 mods, only the first three campaigns were available, with the remaining missions needing work to keep up with StarCraft 2’s mod-breaking patches. Below, a trailer comparing Blizzard’s own StarCraft: Remastered to today’s new Mass Recall. Personally, I prefer the latter.

Technically, Mass Recall has been around for years, and was ‘complete’ previously. The release of the Remastered version and some big patches for SC2 prompted the team to do some renovation work.


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