Blizzard has reportedly cancelled another StarCraft 2 shooter

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The project, codenamed Ares, had been in development for two years and was far enough along that developers had built prototypes enabling players to attack Zergs as a Terran Marine. One source said development appeared to be coming along slowly, but others said it was "looking quite good" and that the cancellation came as "a massive shock." 

This isn't the first time that Blizzard has tried, and failed, to set a shooter in its sci-fi RTS. A third-person stealth-shooter called StarCraft Ghost was announced in 2002 but put on indefinite hold four years later. Blizzard finally stated that Ghost was fully canceled in a 2014 interview with Polygon.   

Similarly, Blizzard didn't acknowledge that this "new" StarCraft shooter even existed, much less had been canceled. In a statement sent to the Kotaku, 



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