The greatest esports rivalry of all time will see its next chapter Jan 17

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Flash plays Jaedong for a grand finals spot in Afreeca Starleague 2.

Five premier grand finals. This is but part of the span of the LeeSsangRok, the rivalry between Jae-Dong “Jaedong” Lee and Young-Ho “Flash” Lee, BroodWar’s greatest players of all time. The God Terran and the Tyrant Zerg are now ready to resume their war which they put on hold for more than six years.

The stage is the ASL 2 semi-finals, a $30,000 tournament organized by GSL owner AfreecaTV and which featured some of the biggest BroodWar stars of the current generation. Apart from Jaedong and Flash, the rest of the TBLS – the collective name of BroodWar’s best four players – Taek-Young “Bisu” Kim and Byung-Goo “Stork” Song also took part in the league, but ended their runs in the quarter final round.

Stork himself fell victim to Jaedong in the last round of 8 match, played on January 10. Winning his group was ultimately a punishment for Stork as he got paired against the Zerg bonjwa, trapped in his infamously worst PvZ match-up. None of the Jaedong/Stork games even went to late game as the Tyrant dismantled Stork 3-0.

Flash didn‘t have much trouble going through his quarter final opponent Seung-Hyun “Guemchi” Kim either. Although Guemchi did take a game off flash on Demian, his hesitation to make critical tactical decisions allowed the Ultimate Weapon to take over the series and ensure the LeeSsangRok in the semi-finals.

In the top half of the bracket, Bo-Sung “Sea” Yum and Jae-Wook “Best” Doh will determine the second grand finalist, as this is a back-to-back top four placement for the Terran.


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