Sacsri retires from mYinsanity and competitive gaming

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The South Korean Zerg player, Yeh Hoon, has announced his retirement from mYinsanity and the competitive gaming scene.

Sacsri is a South Korean Zerg player that joined mYinsanity almost two years ago, having left the Korean SK Telecom 1 Team. During his time with mYinsanity team he proved his dedication both to the team and StarCraft and commited himself to the success of the organization. Building a healthy relationship with his teammates, Yeh Hon created memorable moments and achievements in both minor and major events. 

In 2014, he competed in the 41st Summer Invitational and claimed 2nd place, then went one step further in the Munich StarCraft Tournament #10, where he claimed the 1st place. His greatest success came at DreamHack Open: Valencia, where after consecutive victories, he was declared champion. 

The mYinsanity team and staff thanked Sacsri for his contribution and memories by creating a video dedicated to him and his success in the team. 


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