Americans still the minority in WCS AM after Challenger League

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

After four days of Challenger League matches, the representatives of the Americas in WCS America Premier League remains the same as compared to 2013 Season 3 - a mere nine out of thirty-two.

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The altering of the WCS format didn't have the slightest immediate effect on WCS America and after the completion of Challenger League, the number of local players continues to be diminutive. Four Canadians, four Americans and a single player from Mexico are all who'll represent the two continents in the upcoming WCS AM Premier League.

Even with the help of Chinese and Taiwanese players, the foreigners couldn't take the majority away from South Koreans and the latter will have seventeen players representing the country - just one less compared to Season 3 of last year. Nine of those came from the Challenger League matches as only Check, Apocalypse, Violet, Sage and Tassadar fell in the matches against non-Koreans.

The full participants list for Premier League can be seen below. The groups are yet to be drawn.

2014 WCS America Season 1 participants
Korea Oz Korea Polt Korea ByuL
Korea HerO Korea Taeja Korea Jaedong
China MacSed Korea Heart Canada Scarlett
Canada Huk Mexico Major Korea HyuN
Canada Desrow Korea Alive Korea NesTea
China Top Korea Bomber Korea Revival
Taiwan Has Korea Select Taiwan Sen
Korea Alicia Korea TheSTC China ToodMing
Korea Arthur United States Neeb China XiGua
United States puCK United States Illusion  
United States Minigun Canada MaSa  
Korea Crank    


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