EG keep JYP for 2014

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Photo: Frederike Schmitt / DreamHack

After his compatriots Alive, Oz and Revival were released earlier this month, JYP announced today that he will be staying with Evil Geniuses for the next year. He will be one of only two Koreans in the roster next to Jaedong.

EG released the three Koreans on December 13th. aLive, Oz and Revival were originally signed to strengthen up the EG-TL roster for last season's Proleague and with EG not part of the new season it didn't need the trio anymore, despite each of them showing decent individual results throughout the year.

The release left some questions on how much thinner the EG roster will grow come next year. As far as their remaining Koreans are concerned, the organization will not be releasing any more players as JYP tweeted that he'll be staying with the team for 2014.

​In 2013, JYP saw a string of lackluster results and by December his only notable finish was a top eight at DreamHack Valencia. It was not until DreamHack Winter that JYP showed some good form, finishing top six in the tournament and grabbing $4,500.