ForGG forfeits IEM New York, replaced by Revival

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UPDATE October 7th, 18:30 CET: ESL's social media representative Philip "Nazroth" Hubner explained in a twitter post that Revival's invitation to be ForGG's replacement was a result of EG's Zerg being on the list of players who could take a short-notice flight unpaid by IEM. This came in response to community's questions as to why high finishers in the IEM NY Europe qualifier such as Nerchio (3rd place) and Grubby (4th place) were not considered as ForGG's replacements.

One of the winners of the IEM NY European qualifier, Millenium Terran Park "ForGG" Ji Soo will not be attending the event this weekend. His place will be taken by EG's Zerg Kim "Revival" Dong HyuN.

ForGG earned his place in the second stop of this season's Intel Extreme Masters by winning the upper bracket of the European qualifier (completed on September 1st), beating Naniwa 2-1 in the winners final. Originally, the Millenium ace was placed in Group D of the tourmament alongside Woongjin Stars' sOs and EG's HuK but according to a recent post by IEM he will be unable to attend the event (to be held October 10-13).

ForGG's place will thus taken by winner of IEM Shanghai and 15th in the WCS rankings EG's Revival. The line ups of the four groups (all of which will be accepting one additional player coming from stage one of the tournament) are listed below:

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Korea Zest Sweden Naniwa Korea Curious Korea Revival
Germany TLO Korea HerO Korea Flash Korea sOs
Korea Polt United States qxc United States State Canada HuK

Source: IEM
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