Eight more Koreans to WCS America, no new Terrrans for Europe

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

DreamHack Summer champion StarDust will be among the players to watch down in Challenger.
Photo: DreamHack

The Challenger League qualifiers for both WCS Europe and America are done and sixteen more players find their way into the circuit. 

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Both the pools have interesting oddities of their own worthy of pointing them out. Not a single Terran made it through the European qualifiers as Protosses took five of the free spots, giving Zergs the other three. Sjow, Morrow, Fuzer, Goody, Heromarine and DieStar were among the notable Terran representatives who couldn't quite make it the top two of each bracket.

Another curious extreme happened in the American qualifiers where not a single non-Korean flag made it through. A single Protoss, two Zerg players and four Terrans made for the Korean clean sweep, further reinforcing the image of WCS America being but a refuge for Koreans unwilling to take on the challenges of WCS Korea. As of July 17th, the number of Americans across both Premier and Challenger league is mere 15.

To WCS Europe Challenger:

Korea StarDust
United Kingdom BlinG
Korea San
Korea Genius
Germany Showtime
Slovenia Starbuck
Spain Alastor
Norway Targa

To WCS America Challenger:

Korea Arthur
Korea Hack
Korea Sound
Korea Center
Korea Select
Korea Heart
Korea HyuN
Korea ByuL