StarDust stops Jaedong at DHS finals, scores a PvZ hattrick

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Photo: DreamHack

Three Zergs in a row did the mYi Protoss slay from the start of the playoffs till their end, using EG's Tyrant Jaedong as the cherry on top and becoming the 2013 DreamHack Summer champion against all odds.

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True to the style he showcased the entire tournament, StarDust employed a succession of timing attacks to crush the Zerg neck. Although the Protoss ended up dropping two games to an unscouted Roach all in and his own failure to orchestrate a successful fake gas into mass gateway all in, he was otherwise well composed in the series and won two clutch base races (including one which featured probes killing Jaedong's last expansion) to close it 3-2 in his favor.

With the triumph in Jönköping, StarDust becomes the second DreamHack champion for the 2013 circuit and is certain to advance to the Winter finals. 

2013 DreamHack Summer standings
1st Korea StarDust $9,240
2nd Korea Jaedong $5,390
3rd/4th Sweden Sjow $3,080
Korea Taeja $3,080
5th/8th Germany TLO $1,540
Spain Lucifron $1,540
Korea Life $1,540
Korea HyuN $1,540