OSL groups drawn, Bo1 confirmed as Ro32 format

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The second season of WCS Korea, now under OGN's production, is scheduled to start on June 18th featuring Flash and reigning Korea champion Soulkey. The Group of Death with KangHo, Jangbi, Fantasy and Life is scheduled for a week later.

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While all eight groups are stacked to the verge of bursting, another element of the upcoming OSL is what draws attention. Unlike the seasons produced by GomTV, the next season of WCS Korea will feature a Bo1 double elimination groups in the Ro32 and Bo3 round-robin groups in the Ro16.

While the Bo1 has always been a controversial choice in premier tournaments and one frowned upon by players and fans alike, OGN have stated that the situation cannot be changed due to "logistical reasons".

The changes in the group stages will, however, be the only thing that will be different from Season 1, as the format for the playoffs as well as the prize pool and its distribution remain the same. The second champion of WCS Korea and the winner of $20,000 will be determined on August 10th. 


Group A
June 18th
Group B
June 18th
Group C
June 20th
Group D
June 20th
Korea Flash Korea Innovation Korea sOs Korea Symbol
Korea Soulkey Korea Flying Korea Effort Korea Trap
Korea Ragnarok Korea Savage Korea soO Korea Shine
Korea YuGiOh Korea Bbyong Korea Maru Korea Curious
Group E
June 25th
Group F
June 25th
Group G
June 27th
Group H
June 27th
Korea KangHo Korea RorO Korea PartinG Korea Bomber
Korea Jangbi Korea First Korea YongHwa Korea Hurricane
Korea Life Korea Leenock Korea Squirtle Korea Rain
Korea Fantasy Korea Hyvaa Korea Supernova Korea Keen