Proleague: Flash, Jaedong, PartinG, Innovation in R5W3 opening games

StarCraft 2 Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Some of best players in South Korea will open next week's Proleague matches. With the history of all-kills definitely there, fans should be thrilled for next seven days of team league action.

The first game to be played tomorrow is the one likely to excite StarCraft 2 fans the most as EG-TL go against their arch-nemesis and unbeatable foe KT Rolster.

Currently, the scoreboard between the two sits at 16-3 in favor of KT Rolster who, for the first three rounds of the tournament, established the tradition to flat out all-kill EG-TL. It took four rounds before EG-TL could take a game off KT Rolster only to be reverse all-killed by Zest, Crazy and Stats in that last series.

Tomorrow, the joint roster go against KT Rolster for the fifth time, starting against the player that dealt them their first winners league all-kill - the legendary Flash. Alive will be the opening player for EG-TL which is already a bit of a gamble, considering Ultimate Weapon's prowess in Terran mirros.

A handful of other great names will also get their chance to shine next week. On May 19th, Innovation - the all-killer of EG-TL from last week - plays CJ's Bong; the very next day Jaedong opens for EG-TL against KHAN's Kop; and on Tuesday when R5W3 completes, PartinG meets Effort in a battle between team aces.

As usual, we will bring you daily reports on the matches with links to the VODs.

Korea Flash
Korea Alive May 18
Korea Savage
T8 VS Samsung
Korea Reality May 18
Korea Bong
Korea Innovation May 19
Korea Best
SKT vs Woongjin
Korea Flying May 19
Korea Kop
Samsung vs EG-TL
Korea Jaedong May 20
Korea Terminator
T8 vs KT
Korea Zest May 20
Korea PartinG
Korea Effort May 21


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