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April Fool's! Around the world, websites from to dished out the best in their bag of tricks to pull a quick one over the community.


When you first loaded the website this morning you might have seen a peculiar headline. 'Mel Gibson: "Colossus is imba"' read the headline. No, Mel Gibson didn't really try out StarCraft 2 at PAX, we're not even sure he knows what PAX is, but we are sure of one thing: if he did play Starcraft 2 he would think Colossi are imba.

Other headlines? For you DOTA fans out there you would have noticed the news of our DOTA staff turning pro! Yes that's right! Actually no, that's wrong! Our crew isn't actually going pro, but I am sure their synergies would break all competition any day.

434e52ebfdca1937f1d541ad51e8b9e3?s=80After reading the articles you might wander on to our forums. If you aren't an avid forum goer of ours then you might not have noticed the less than subtle change to everyone's avatars. No, they aren't rainbow ponies, they're even better: UNICORNS. Unbeknownst to even the Gosu Crew themselves, the founder himself swept in and did a little trick coding to catch everyone by surprise by adding a little bit of rainbow and sunshine into our lives.

Blizzard, the kings of hi-jinx

Well of course, best of show and production usually goes to Blizzard themselves. They went all out this year in producing some of the best and craziest ideas.

"Someone to pwn noobs with," isn't that what we're all just looking for in life? Well Blizzard wanted to make it easier by introducting the new Matchmaking. Complete with video advertisement and a 'working' demo, Blizzard had really outdone themselves this time. For a chance to hook-up with the Kerrigan from their ad, anything would be worth a try.

For anyone who has dabbled in the WoW universe and have been to end-game raiding they will appreciate this next joke a little more. The Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number. (EPEEN) This is designed as a bar, a vertical bar, to measure the total sum of your gear worth. The higher the gear, the higher vertical your bar reaches. Need we say more?

A less hardcore WoW raider might find the new Neural Interface more to their liking. This interface provides a realistic experience of the WoW universe. At $14,999.00 USD each, maybe it's a good thing that it's sold out, in all three colors.

Blizzard didn't just stop there though. They even unveiled their plans to dominate the mobile phone world with Blackthorne 2: Thorne Harder and Queen's Quest. Packed with new features such as 'Twitter and Facebook integration to automatically post updates for every single enemy you kill. Your friends will thank you,' the proposed new games brought leading edge technology to your mobile phone!

blizzpillow0401.jpgLastly, Blizzard knows that with the announcement of WoW:Cataclysm and the StarCraft 2 beta underway, Diablo fans were left in the dust. That's why they came out with new Diablo merchandise! X-Treme Gamer Blanket to keep you warm while you game and even a Diablo III Body Pillow to keep you company at night! Deckard Cain even provides his voice to your GPS to keep you entertained on those long travels.

Around the Community

So what was the rest of the community up to?

Well the folks over at got a head start on everyone else using Korean Standard Time to post their April Fools joke. The SC2 ProMod, a way for to put the "sports" back into eSports. Borrowing the voice of United States Liquid'NonY, they were able to convince many players that their bid to professionalize StarCraft 2 was indeed true.

iCCup devised a little prank of their own, a cruel one at that! They announced a new StarCraft 2 Beta Season and a StarCraft 2 Launcher that would allow players to play and compete agianst each other without the need of a beta or a beta account! How? Download the launcher and find out.

The Swedish gamers at decided to do a little redecorating. was a perfect cross of Facebook and eSports. The layout looked perfect, only problem is that it seems that they've taken the April fools layout down. had a high quality joke of their own after fanning the flames with a picture of a Spartan helmet released the day before. Two words:Halo Movie.

Hopefully you have all enjoyed and shared many laughs this April Fools.