Korea's PC Room Beta

StarCraft 2 Roy “Phantom” Kwan
pcbang.jpgBlizzard has released the Beta to all gamers in participating PC bangs (rooms) in Korea who have a Battle.net account.

Blizzard is letting anyone with a Battle.net account in Korea to freely try the beta at any participating PC bang. No need for a key or an opt-in. This is seen as a move by Blizzard to try to draw the biggest population of StarCraft fans in the world to their newest RTS StarCraft 2.

PC bangs in Korea are extremely popular and is the birth of the StarCraft competitive scenes. Many old and new progamers have had their starts in PC Bangs playing with local teams and in local tournaments. Korea was the scene of the StarCraft 2 announcement. Blizzard itself has tried to dip its feet into the Korean scene by supporting GOM-TV, but has reported 'cold relations' with KeSPA, the governing body of the professional StarCraft teams in Korea.

South Korea averages 486 person per square kilometer, while Europe averages around 113 per square kilometer. By allowing Koreans to play StarCraft 2 at PC bangs in Korea they have a much easier time reaching out to people than through beta keys or opt-ins. Winning over the StarCraft fans in Korea would be a huge step in the success of StarCraft 2 as a professional eSport.

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan