ZOTAC #3, Dimaga on top again

StarCraft 2 Roy “Phantom” Kwan
ZOTAC and GameSports.de team up to bring the ZOTAC SC2 Beta Cup to lucky Beta testers everywhere, in Europe!

ZOTAC SC2 Beta Cup #3 took place last Sunday with Dima "DIMAGA" Filipchuk taking first place beating out 378 other participants. RoX.Dimaga took out 7 other players in the tournament before reaching the finals to play MYM]DeMusliM in a best of five where Dimaga took the finals 3-1. This is not Dimaga's first first place finish in the SC2 ZOTAC Beta Cup. He had also finished first place in the very first SC2 ZOTAC Beta Cup beating out Orly.file, the winner of the second ZOTAC Beta Cup.

The tournament itself has almost doubled in participation with each tournament, growing from 132 participants checked-in in the first tournament to 379 in the latest tournament. Each round of the tournament is played in a best of one format up until the quarter and semi-finals which are best of three. A best of five is then played in the finals with the winner of each tournament being rewarded 100€, making a total of 200€ for DIMAGA so far in winnings.

So when is the next Beta Cup? The next one being, yes you guessed it, ZOTAC Beta Cup #4 will be played on Sunday March 21st at 14:15 CET. Check-in starts at 13:00 and the tournament should be running form now up until the end of the Beta.

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan