Garimto about Starcraft 2: "It is not a game like BW where you can win by making a lot of units"

StarCraft 2 Camilo “Kurdran” Amezquita

Kim Dong-Soo, also knows as Garimto, the legendary protoss player gives his first impressions about the recently released BETA.

"The Zealot" describes a game where quick thinking is more important than a godly left hand and where simple tasks are easier, allowing more focus in the strategies. He also gives his first approaches about some of the match ups and what needs to be balanced in the game.


"It feels like Protoss and Zerg have established a power duo at the top.

It's a step up from the Protoss dominance early on, but it's still unfortunate that there's not many Terran players.

I think now, that ZvP is just a matter of who is the better player.

Starcraft II is a game where the person who thinks faster wins, not the person who clicks faster. They cut down on a lot of the repetitive macro, and offered a lot of solutions through counters and thoughtful play.

Multiple building selection means you don't need a godly left hand. You can just put everything on one key, and tab through the buildings to produce.

When you make buildings, you can order a bunch of workers to start make a building and only one of them will go follow your orders. If you're building a lot of buildings at once, you can just select 5~6 workers and tell them to build and they'll go about it smartly.

There's no worry about ordering workers to make a building and have it fail because you ran out of money, because you spend the money at the moment you order the building to be built. Of course, you get the money back if you cancel it.

By reducing manual tasks here and there, they try to make you focus on battles, build orders, and strategies.

Still, there are some problems with balance right now.

For example, there's PvP. PvP right now is one step away from being a total disaster. There's no way to stop 3 Warpgate zealots with an offensive pylon in the opponent's base. Your only counter is to do the same thing.

Also, Terran is a difficult race. Similar to SC1 in that way. They have to fight using a wide variety of units in and skills, and you have to manage a large amount of them at the same time.

Now that I think about it, even though I said the person who thinks faster has the advantage, it's still a nice to have quick hands anyway.

It's like playing TvP with 3 control groups of M&M, while you control a group of wraiths, EMP high templars, plant mines around the map, while still producing troops from your main. And then on top of that you have to focus fire your opponent's colossus with marauders.

You have to be able to do all of this during combat to be good at Terran. It's really hard to win as terran with simple strategies. As Protoss or Zerg (especially Zerg, as an extension from SC1), you can win a game just by playing a macro game with lots of troops. Brood Lords make the enemy's ground troops useless, and Hydralisks are specialized anti-air units. With Hydralisks defending the brood lords, you can play even long game without that much micro.

For protoss, they have an awesome ground unit called the Immortal, so they can just use those with some good storms, while the warp gates make producing troops so much easier, making it easy to play a macro game.

From what I've seen so far, I think this might be a difficult game for beginners. It's not a game like BW where you can win just by just blindly making a lot of units."

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