MLG 2012 Spring Championship

  • Prize pool US$76,000
  • Start date 8 Jun 2012
  • End date 10 Jun 2012

Prize pool - $76,000

1. $25,000 USD 5-6. $3,500 USD
2. $15,000 USD 7-8. $2,250 USD
3. $7,250 USD 9-12. $1,500 USD
4. $7,250 USD 13-16. $1,000 USD


Participating players

  Life   Leenock
  Bomber   Flash
  Rain   Heart
  HwangSin   TaeJa

Main event

Group stage
  • Group Play consists of 8 seeds from the MvP Invitational, 8 seeds from the Invite-Only Qualifiers, and 8 seeds from the Summer Championship.
  • Double elimination
  • B03 series
  • The results of Group Play determine where each player is placed within the Championship Bracket. No players are eliminated from the tournament in the Group Play stage.
  • The 24 seeded players are divided into four even groups.
  • Status: Completed
  • The Championship Bracket is split into two halves, each with its own Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket (double-elimination format)
  • B03 series
  • If a Semifinal is not a rematch, then it will start as a BO3. If the player coming from the Losers Bracket wins the initial BO3, then the series will extend to a BO7 starting from the score of the first series. The winner of the extended BO7 advances to the Final Match. (The player coming from the Winners Bracket only needs to win the initial BO3 or the extended BO7 to advance.) The Final Match is a BO7.
  • Status: Completed

Location: Dallas, United States  

Regional qualifiers

Europe, North America, Asia
  • Playoffs:
    • Multiply Double-elimination Brackets.
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top two advance to MLG Fall Championship Group Play


2012 MLG Fall Championship

2 Nov 2012
Playoffs - Final bracket
Group A - Group stage
Group B - Group stage
Group C - Group stage
Group D - Group stage
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