SHOUTcraft America

  • Prize pool $10,000
  • Start date May 5, 2013
  • End date May 22, 2013

Prize pool - $10,000

1. $4,000 USD 5-8. $350 USD
2. $2,000 USD 9-16. $75 USD
3-4. $1,000 USD


Participating teams

  puCK   Minigun
  Maker   ViBE
  Drunkenboi   Goswser
  Neeb   Hendralisk
  State   qxc
  Xenocider   rvsp
  Kane   hellokitty
  Suppy   Masa

Main event

Group stage
  • 4 groups of 4 teams each
  • Double-elimination (GSL)
  • Best-of-three series
  • First two teams go straight to the quarterfinals
  • Bottom two teams of each group are eliminated
  • Status: Completed
  • Single-Elimination
  • Quarterfinals are best-of-five series
  • Semifinals and Grand Finals are Best-of-seven series
  • Status: Completed

Type: Online


SHOUTcraft America

May 5, 2013
Playoffs - Playoffs
Group D - Round of 16
Group C - Round of 16
Group B - Round of 16
Group A - Round of 16

News & Features

Kane wins SHOUTcraft america

Kane wins SHOUTcraft america

One of ROOT's newest recruits - Sam "Kane" Morissette - emerged tonight as the champion of SHOUTcraft America, ripping State apart 4-1 and taking the $4,000 check

StarCraft 2 Nydra
IdrA to cast SHOUTcraft ro8

IdrA to cast SHOUTcraft ro8

Three days after his release from EG and one day after the announcement on Real Talk that he’d be focussing his energy on shoutcasting and content production, the American scores his first gig. He will be commentating the ShoutCraft America round of 8 alongside TotalBiscuit.

eSports hattfatt
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