2013 WCS America Season 1

  • Prize pool $100,000
  • Start date Apr 22, 2013
  • End date Jun 3, 2013

News & Features

viOLet forfeits WCS America

The Azubu player will not be able to partake in the American section of the WCS due to visa issues. The scheduled games featuring him will be played without replacement. 

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WCS NA Ro16: Crank and Moonglade own Group B

Day two of the WCS Round of 16 showed some fantastic games, with a group consisting of Apocalypse, Moonglade, Crank, and TheSTC. With only a single zerg player in the group there were completely different matchups then last night's group A, which largely consisted of zerg players.

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WCS NA: Snute, Alicia Advance

The round of 16 Group A started tonight, and with the group consisting of Snute, Sen, Alicia, and Nestea. With the group consisting mainly of zerg players it was exciting to see how the spore crawler buff affected Zerg vs Zerg.

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WCS NA:Group B Recap

Day six of WCS premiere league was today with group B playing, and with a group that had State, Oz, Scarlett, and Violet in it. With such a strong group the there are going to be some intense games.

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WCS NA: HerO, aLive take the group

Group A played tonight and with players such Killer, aLive, Major, and the favorite to win the group HerO. WCS NA has showed some stellar games so far with the amazing match yesterday of Moonglade and Illusion the quality of the games is only improving.

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WCS NA: Group H Recap

Day three of of WCS North America began today, and with the Korean players dominating each group they have been in all eyes are on Alicia who is the favorite to win this group.

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WCS NA:Nestea, Apocalypse Dominate Group E

WCS North America continues with Group E playing with some very promising matches with players such as Minigun, Fenix, Apocalypse, and Nestea. With two Korean players in the group as well, it looks to be a difficult group to survive.

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