mTw should not worry...

Machz @ 29th May 2012 17:23 (Read 10,779 times).
About their TI2 invitation. (Damn, can't have long title blogs)

A news regarding their victory in The Arena May was posted not long ago by Dexter "kurtcos" F. I'm linking it here:

Angel, also posted the VODs (Great casting): 2
(James, care to share your playlist?)

Following the last months of the Competitive Dota 2 scene, mTw is arguably one of the best teams around and definitely better than some teams already invited to TI2.
Their dominance over coL throughout the last months is something I would like to share: coL is a great team that relies on their strong teamwork, and quoting SingSing They play as a team, fight as a team and win as a team.

The best way to beat a team like coL is playing smart and abuse their predictable (At least to the eyes of SyndereN) game play. SyndereN, who has become one of the best strategist and leaders know this, and his plan during all their games has worked flawlessly.

Their display of teamwork and SyndereN's leadership are showing strong results, and even flawed on the long term, our Rankings display great information on trends. mTw deserve their 5th spot, and a direct invitation to The International II.

Try listening to SyndereN's interview at the end of the show. He explains the reason to the 55 minute yawning-fest of game 2, where you can see how committed they are to earn a spot at TI2.

Last invitation should be given to mouz, Infused or m5, rooting not for m5 (Surprising) but for Infused.

m5 had a great result on Lan, but the way Dota 2 works: You play well online to beat other offline.
mouz has only 1 week of strong game play, and they should earn their spot in the West Qualifier against m5, Keita and Quantic.