turik @ 23rd April 2012 02:11 (Read 7,345 times).
So we have a lot of leagues recently. For example, The Premier League, Starladder, Prodota 2 and our very own Gosuleague. I'll talk only about Dota 2 tournaments coz I've switched to it since it appeared and didnt pay attention to dota 1 tournaments. I'd like to give an overview for every league. I hope it will be interesting for someone. I think most likely I write it for myself to structurize my thoughts about it. Also since The International prizepools for Dota(Dota 2) tournaments have increased. And in addition I'd say that I'll try to review tournament and organisation, not games and teams.
First of all I would like to review The Premier League. Season 1 was kicked off 4 month ago and already finished. It was first league experience in Dota 2. It had $10k prizepool, 8 teams participated in it and solid schedule from the beginning. I can say, that some disadvantages were:
team replacements. As far as I remember, there were like 3 replacements. It was some mixes and chenese teams replacements, but bad thing that they were made during the tournament, not in the beginning. So some games were replayed.
postpones. It always happens in tournaments. But its always a disadvantage. Some defwins will decrease an audience, I know. And ppl become mad when their favourite team doesnt play, but eSport will never become professional thing (we all want it, I know) while orgs will let teams to postpone their games freely.
To advantages I can include full english coverage. I think, all games were streamed and you can find every VOD, so community should thank orgs for it.
So, first league experience in Dota 2 was pretty good and I hope their second season will be better: without replacements and with less postponed games.
In next episode I'll review the Starladder StarSeries season 1, right after it'll finish. Stay tuned.