Guitar Skillz Vol.2

matthe @ 8th January 2011 19:50 (Read 15,085 times).
Yeah, Vol. 2, here is a link to Vol. 1

The thing about Vol. 2 is, that I wanted to show different kind of guitar players oO I did discuss it with someone and I guess I told him to show more asian guitar players but I guess I mix it again....

Petteri Sariola - Prime
Hoooly shit, it begins "nice" and then slowly blows your mind. An outstanding guitar player.

Kotaro Oshio - Bolero
This is so freaking awesome. Did listen to it in for 7 hours in a loop.
Loop link:

Nathan Treadgold - Trouble (Coldplay)
Really young guitar player, makes own covers and this is one of his newest and is wonderful!

Just recently found them, depapepe rules !!!

Tommy Emmanuel / J.Shimabukuro: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The thing about this song is, I first found this vidoe here:
and I was amazed and after seeing him performing with Tommy I was speechless xD

The Bass Guitar is definetely the coolest guitar out there and is imo the most important instrument for any band!!! And this guy rocks :>

Bob Culbertson - Jazzy Blues
Here you have a great Chapman Stick player. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Famous Songs and TV Theme Medley (by Mathew Maokh)
true skill0r.

Random German Song
A cappella ftw !!! Only voice sound <.< Wiseguys ftw !