Diurnal rhythm and work

Raistlin @ 24th November 2006 03:28 (Read 1,004 times).
I've managed to turn my diurnal rhythm up an down, waking up at 17:00 and going to bed at 05:00. Even if I like it, being up at night doing work at GosuGamers it's still not that healthy for me. I need the daylight. I can feel it already. But now the time is 03:11, and I have finished what must be my fourth of fifth cup of hot chocolate at our new office, and I have written four newsposts today and fiddled around with GosuBets and the two player databases (StarCraft and WarCraft 3).

I took the bus, as I live quite far away from the center. I do the daily routine of checking through the community sites, clan sites, yellowchrome.org links (thanks Entropy) and the profiles of the top WarCraft 3 teams at WC3L and NGL-ONE. Hopefully you find something very tasty and interesting to write about. Once you find something, and you have the concept ready, it's time to do the background search. Check for possible playeres or managers online for statements, run through various history logs and old articles about the certain subject. Luckily (or unluckily, depends on your mood), I found that Christopher 'Ego1st' Suhr at MeetYourMakers had beat me to it and found that Soccer had joined wNv. wNv is with no doubt the most talented team in the WC3L qualifier, and actions concerning them is always interesting.

The second newspost was three new additions to the team Kings of WarCraft 3. They picked up SouthSea (former Clan ONE), Winners (former ASUS) and Fivestar (former PG.IT). Sadly for them they could not play in the WC3L qualifier match against Cubesports earlier tonight. That's part of the rules at WC3L, players are barred for a week or so before they can be used. And it turned out to be a real nailbiter, as Cubesports were in the lead for a while, but in the end Kow3 took home the win. I wonder, would SouthSea, Winners and Fivestar still stayed put in the team if Kow3 lost? Sadly, this happens very often during WC3L. Call it silly season, as the other sports magazines call it.

I then turned my head towards StarCraft, where BWCL announced their 12 teams. And of course the big question was - where is Templars of Twilight? The team who for a very long time has been the undisputed top team in the non-Korean scene is not included. However, there are other very interesting teams, as well. There's BossClub who won the recent WGTCL Season, and the FragBet League. Strelok, White-Ra, Shaman and Satanik is an awesome lineup, and they have quite a number of other players to back them up. Last time I checked their roster count they had over 40 members. Bartar does a great job taking care of his squad as they are active in basically every clanleague there is. Although I'm very much against that the organization BossClub sponsors the league and still have their team playing in it. There's also oGaming.rA who we haven't seen in the top leagues for quite a while. I'm good friends with two of their managers, Freezer and Tobi (zoxxer). I wish them and the team best of luck. Then there's the classic teams such as Czech Demolition Squad, MicroGamerZ, Shock Squadron and All Aggression ProTeam. And of course not to forget MeetYourMakers. If MYM uses their top lineup in this league they they can definitely take this home. Even against BossClub. Draco, Pj, Lx, Advokate and F91 is a lineup few teams can take down. Though I would like to see SarenS in action. I met him at WCG 2006, and he was a friendly guy.

Last but not least I wrote that Satiini will not be attending the Battle.Net Season 4 Ladder Europe Regionals. Apparently his reason for not showing up at several events in the past was because of some sort of claustrophobic sickness. I think it was strong of him to 'out' himself like that in the very immature community that exists in the WarCraft 3 scene. Props to him.

Now, I think I'm going to play some more Footmen Frenzy together with brankan and Lancia.