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TheKen and chu1ing through to ESWC Asia qualifier

ESWC Masters of Cheonan Asia Qualifier
China Vulture vs. China chu1ing
China F91 vs. China Legend
China LeiLei vs. China Super
China TheKen vs. Taiwan SEn
China Phoenix66 vs. China Never
China ChinaTTTT vs. China lbh
China LoveTT vs. China Pj
China AyGj vs. China Jaystar
To fill the last two spots for the Asian qualifier for the ESWC Masters of Cheonan, a sub-qualifier was played where the two internationally unknown Chinese players TheKen and chu1ing came out victorious.

The playoffs will be taking off on March 21 Beijing time in the channel ESWC on the iCCup server. The games are best of three all the way and the bracket format is double elimination.

The two European open qualifiers will take palce on March 23 and March 24 on 18:00 CET. Click here to sign up for the first tournament and here for the second tournament. The top 16 playoffs will take place on March 28 to 29.

Americans also have their own qualifiers. On March 30 and 31 at 18:00 EST the two open tournaments are scheduled. Sign up here and here. As the format goes, the playoffs will then take place on April 4.

The winner of each regional playoff will be given a spot in the grand finals of ESWC Masters of Cheonan, where they will go up against an invited Korean player to battle for a prize purse full with $9,000 USD.

Invited to European playoffs

Invited to American playoffs

Poland Draco United States Machine
Russia Androide United States NonY
Germany Mondragon United States Idra
Ukraine Strelok Canada IefNaij
Ukraine White-Ra Chile DinOt
Poland Dreiven United States G5
Netherlands ret Canada XiaOzI
Russia BRAT_OK Peru CaStrO
Spain SquALL United States Artosis
Germany iNfeRnaL Peru Fenix
Russia Advokate United States Louder
Ukraine DIMAGA United States Chosen
Poland Yayba United States iNcontroL
Germany HoRRoR United States LzGamer

SCForall.com - Source
SCForall.com - Source

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