Former MYM finds a new home in ESC Gaming

StarCraft Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

Former StarCraft squad of MeetYourMakers, with international stars as Strelok, White-Ra and IefNaij, has found a new home in the German organization ESC-Gaming.

- ESC is a young and ambitious German organisation, their dedication and desire to recruit our team, and of course the concept for the next year, were the most convincing for us, says Markus "MaX" Kemper.

ESC Gaming is known for its German Counter-Strike squads, and are playing in the German ESL Pro Series. Signing the former squad of MeetYourMakers, ESC Gaming will now be represented in the WGTour Clanleague, iCCup Clanleague and the Brood War Clan Liga.

Team manager Markus "MaX" Kemper is very positive with the signing.
- Our goals remain the same as we are still aiming for the highest possible success for our squad and ESC can definitely provide us with all requirements, says MaX.

- We also want the whole organisation to evolve and help them become one of the best teams in the scene. We have gained a lot of good and useful experiences in MYM and are willing to appy them in our new home. So lets hope for a long and successful cooperation, says MaX.

The team's changes do not only include a new clan tag. The team has also signed the two veterans Jan "Gentleman" Hansen and Maciej "Raven" Polak. But there were also some trimmings to the roster, as the Polish player Grzegorz "uSer" Muśko was let go.

Chief Operating Officer Till "Hempy" Heinrich says in the press release that they picked up StarCraft as one of their disciples "due to the longevity of Starcraft and the announcement of Starcraft 2".

The team will test their wings for the first time in tonight's WGTour Clanleague match against eXpertise.
- eXpertise is a pretty dangerous team. Guys like Chosen or Preator are always able to win their games. But we absolutely want to have a good start with the new team. So we'll probably use our very best lineup today to achieve a good score tonight, says MaX to GosuGamers. roster

Ukraine Eugin "Strelok" Oparyshev
Ukraine Oleksii "White-Ra" Krupnyk
Canada Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang
Poland Grzegorz "Dreiven" Kordek
Poland Jarek "Yayba" Pociecha
Poland Maciej "Raven" Polak
Lithuania Vytautas "Arew" Graiciunas
Chile Cristóbal "DinOt" Lledó
Korea Seob "Yoon" Lee
Germany Michael "GhosTa" Beck
Germany Jan "Gentleman" Hansen
Germany Pieter "Zpiet" Jauernig

Germany Markus "MaX" Kemper (Manager)
Germany Gregor "Archi" Werner (Manager)
Poland Jacek "LastNight" Trybuła (Manager)

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