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GosuCup #7: Carthage in map pool

As many people seemed to miss, the Thursday edition of GosuCup will go on just as before. It starts at 20:00 CET and is not affected by our Tuesday edition which is better suited for other timezones

We had a brief talk with the winner of GosuCup #6, nApoLeon. He's played two GosuCups but was determined to win this one and no one could stop him.

In the final you met NiceAff-Heme. Did you know him from before?
I think I played him in some other tournament finals also sometime ago. There I also beat him. Deska was the toughest one just because he was random and i had to 2x zvz him and i play zvp zvt and tvz

Did you like the organization of this GosuCup?
really much, admin crew made the tournament run smoothly and fast, I'd also like to add I play now for team naw- as naw-saab900

The replay pack from that Cup can be found in the link section of this news.

Tonight's GosuCup is more or less the same as the others. Notice the map Carthage is in the map pool, if you haven't seen it yet you might want to play a game or two on it before the tour starts. It's in the iCCup map pack if you don't have it.

Good luck to all.

GosuGamers - GosuCup #6 replay pack
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