Stamina top 4 remaining

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

SCForAll's Stamina tournament really kicked into high gear today with a lot of games being played. Only the top 4 are remaining. These four will fight for the top prize of 300 US dollars.

Stamina RO32
China F912-0 United StatesKawaii*
Peru Castro2-0 Poland Yayba
China lbh0-2 Spain Squall**
Canada Xiaozi2-1 Canada Tidy
China Phoenix2-0 Slovakia Maix
Chile Dinot0-2 Poland Dreiven
Peru Smacker2-0 Russia Rondo
Canada IefNaij2-0 Italy Cloud
China JayStar2-0 United States Machine
Sweden Naugrim 0-2 Netherlands ret
Macedonia OctZerg2-1 Sweden Merz
Sweden Shauni2-1 Canada Target
Poland Mana2-0 Germany Goody
United States LzGamer1-2 United States Chosen
United States AccordV62-1 Germany HoRRoR
PeruFenix0-2 China Never
*Handy was replaced by Kawaii[LighT]
**datoby was replaced by ToT)Squall(

Stamina RO16
F91 1-2 Castro
Squall 0-2 Xiaozi
Phoenix 1-2 Dreiven
Smacker 0-2 IefNaij
JayStar 2-0 ret
OctZerg 0-2 Shauni
Mana 1-2 Chosen
AccordV6 0-2 Never

There are no VODs or replays released yet, but with Artosis lurking you could perhaps expect VODs to be released first and then a replay pack a bit later.

Stamina Quarterfinals
Castro 2-1 Xiaozi
Dreiven 0-2 IefNaij
JayStar 2-1 Shauni
Chosen 0-2 Never

Meaning the semifinals will be Castro vs JF and JayStar vs Never. These matches will be played next Sunday as best of five along with the final, also best of five.