PGL: Day 8

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Imagine the top seats in a heavy international tournament occupied by foreigners. The possibility of the Chinese players Legend and PJ taking the gold from the Koreans nbs and Orion, is more than possible. Both Legend and PJ have proven their ability to take on Koreans toe to toe and beat them. But they’re still considered the underdogs, especially when nbs is undefeated throughout the entire tournament, and Orion’s only loss was to NonY and Vulture early in the group stage.
South Korea kkong1-2South Korea nbs
South Korea Orion2-0China Legend
Lower Bracket
China Legend2-0China Vulture
China PJ2-0South Korea kkong

Upper Finals
South Korea nbsvs.South Korea Orion
Lower Finals
China Legendvs.China PJ

When PJ managed to take out kkong in the lower brackets, the chance for China to come home with the gold became reality. Now, it is a matter of who would represent China in the upper grand finals. The loser in the upper bracket will have a second shot and take on the winner of the loser bracket. The winner of that clash will then have a go at the upper bracket winner.

The Chinese look to impress, while the Koreans play to keep their reputation as a StarCraft powerhouse alive. Chances are low, but Legend and PJ have faced the odds and beaten them. Can they repeat the upsets, or have they finally run out of luck? Can the Chinese players take away the PGL championship from the Koreans, or will it be the same fairy tale, Koreans on top, foreigners on the bottom?

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