PGL: Day 7

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Day 7 brought some amazing upsets, as well as, a farewell to Europe’s chance of bringing the PGL championship. The championship would remain in Asia as the upper brackets consisted of the three remaining Koreans, and one Chinese player. Yes, that’s right, one Chinese player. Legend took away the prospect of an all Korean round of four in the upper bracket as he beat his Korean opponent, Puma, two-to-none sending him to the lower brackets.
China Vulture0-2South Korea kkong
South Korea nbs2-1Ukraine White-Ra
China PJ0-2South Korea Orion
China Legend2-0South Korea Puma
Lower Bracket
China Vulture2-1Ukraine White-Ra
China PJ2-0South Korea Puma
South Korea kkongvs.South Korea nbs
South Korea Orionvs.China Legend
Lower Bracket
China Vulturevs.Orion/Legend
China PJvs.kkong/nbs

There Puma met his fate in the hands of PJ losing again in another no-win upset match-up. He was not the only one to be eliminated that day however, as White-Ra also joined the lower brackets to face Vulture whom he had previously beaten. The match would turn out to be another huge upset, as Vulture took back his lose against White-Ra by eliminating him from the tournament. Puma and White-Ra did not go empty handed though. Each got €520 for finishing 7-8th in the PGL.

Tonight, the Semi-Finals commence as the upper bracket players go for the gold while Vulture and PJ soar the skies and wait for the leftover meat. Can Legend produce another big upset, or will it truly be an all Korean Grand Final? Find out at 11:00 CET and don’t forget to bet on the upcoming matches!

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