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Over at there is a movie contest going on. Which is great for us movie fans because it means there will be high quality Brood War movies produced! No less than six movies to enjoy, plus another one that has nothing to do with the contest.

Every participant uploaded a number of replays. This would create the replay pool, from which everyone had to take their material. That would make sure that no one was sitting on any awesome moves that nobody else had access to, and would therefore put focus on the actual movie making. Pushed on by Gecko and Retuh, two German movie makers, the participants had three months to produce their movies. The result, well just watch.

Just StarCraftRetuh
World of StarCraftGecko
Ten Years StarCraftViolix
Fascination of StarCraftrA.Corsair
No MercyGamtja

As we can see, there are quite a few known movie makers in here so it should provide an interesting watch.

Also, recently another movie was released. Completely unrelated to the contest but still worth a mention. It is made by one of the movie contestant above, the very rA.Corsair. It is Mondragon - The Foreign King. Download it or whatch it on YouTube! Read more about it in the Forum Thread here on GosuGamers.

So now you know what you will be doing this cold (for most people at least) January day. Remove everything from your schedule, sit down, and watch!

Links - Source - Mondragon Movie Thread - Movie Contest Thread