Three programs to fix the 1.16 mess!

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With 1.16 being a mess, we Brood War players have to go to lengths to preserve our way of gaming. Being able to play on both ICCup and a bug free (relatively speaking) is right now a highly prioritised dream. And guess what, we actually can!

Three tools we will present to you. It is the Patch Switcher, the 1.16 Bug Fixer and good old Chaos Launcher.

First out is the Patch Switcher. Coded by Chickenlord over at it is a very simple tool to use for, yes you guessed it, switching patches. When run, it will open a window where you see a list of all the patches. Press whichever you are interested in. Then shut it down, and start Brood War in any way you want (through Chaos Launcher, ICCup Launcher or normal BroodWar.exe) and it will be in the version you just picked. With it you can now easily switch between 1.15.3 for ICCup and 1.16.0 for
Download the Patch Switcher

The next tool is the 1.16 Bug Fixer, coded by R1CH at It basicly fixes the the major bugs with 1.16: The lag, ingame lage and /r and /replay command bugs. He said himself that it took him 4 hours to do what Blizzard has not succeeded with for over a month. It's a plugin that can be used together with Chaos Launcher, so just put it in the Chaos Launcher directory and should run smoothly.
Download the 1.16 Bug Fixer

And that brings us to our last program of the day. The good old Chaos Launcher, naturally updated for 1.16. Of course most of you already know about it and probably use it too, but it's still worth a mention in a post like this. It basicly allows you to use plugins like the one above to improve your gaming experience. Popular plugins reduces the latency ingame, has an autoreply save function, join alert (so you can alt tab in waiting for someone to join your game) and much more. Coded by none other than MasterOfChaos.
Download Chaos Launcher for 1.16 here

Links - Patch Switcher Source - 1.16 Bug Fixer Source - Chaos Launcher Source