IEF: sAviOr fails, Bisu prevails

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

sAviOr managed to end last of the Koreans while Bisu took down Stork. No big surprises really, but at least we get some pro replays out of the tournament.

KeSPA ranked number one and three squaring off in the IEF final wasn't a surprise to anyone. Bisu coming out of top wasn't exactly a shocker either. sAviOr losing to Sharp on the other hand was a bit of an upset. Check out the replays at the bottom of this news.

BisuStork1353o.jpgBisu and Stork. Source:

IEF 2008 Playoff
Stork 2-0 Sharp
Bisu 2-0 sAviOr
Bronze final
sAviOr 1-2 Sharp
Bisu 2-1 Stork

GosuGamers - Replay pack - Source