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NonY to eSTRO: 'I need to broaden my knowledge'

ba1cb860884315565c189ac9414c918a1f9c04f200a2763791780a5357.jpgNonY. Photo by: Lucas Bigham, GotFrag.com

Recent World Cyber Games USA winner NonY reveals in an interview at SCForAll.com that he has accepted an offer from eSTRO to come and train and focus his all on becoming a progamer.
- I don’t have any specific plans in Korea yet, but I know I will soon be going there and beginning my training as a pro gamer with eSTRO, says NonY.

NonY, who came out victorious in the Spirit Tournament hosted by SCForAll.com and IEG, thinks his mechanics are pretty good and that they will improve naturally. However, he admits he need to have more knowledge.
- I think I need to work on broadening my knowledge so that I can’t be easily surprised, says NonY.

Joining the eSTRO ranks and starting the long journey on becoming a progamer is something NonY commits fully into. And he thinks that his relatively old age compared to other foreigners who had a try in Korea will benefit him.
- I really have a responsible and mature approach to this opportunity. [...] I’ll do everything I can to be a successful pro gamer. It’s a full commitment that I couldn’t imagine breaking, says NonY.

The American Protoss player is currently preparing for the World Cyber Games finals in Cologne. He is in a group F, where the Chinese Terran player ChinaTTTT is located. NonY feels that his chances of advancing are pretty good...
- I have good chances to make top 2. ChinaTTTT is a great player. I think him and I will take the top two spots, says NonY.

Once he advances from the group stage, he manages to dodge a Korean player until the Round of 16. Once there, he would rather player Luxury.
- I feel very comfortable playing PvZ and Luxury is the worst against Protoss. Jaedong and Stork against Protoss are just insane, says NonY.

An exact date when NonY moves to Korea is not known, but supposedly after the World Cyber Games finals.

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