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BlizzCon 2008 brackets released

The BlizzCon event is back, with this year's event being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California once again, on October 10th-11th!

Invited StarCraft Players
Korea sAviOr (CJ Entus)
None TBC
Korea XellOs (CJ Entus)
Korea fOrGG (Lecaf OZ)
Korea YellOw (KTF)
United States IdrA (CJ Entus)
Korea NaDa (WeMade FOX)
Korea Jangbi (Samsung KHAN)

The StarCraft tournament once again has eight players - of which this year all are progamers, as GosuGamer's top ranked terran Ukraine MYM.Strelok is unfortunately unable to participate due to visa issues.

IdrA is also participating, making CJ Entus the strongest contender with three out of the eight players. Terran is also dominating the lineup, with four terrans against two zergs and only one protoss, Jangbi. The first matches to be played will be TBC vs. Savior, XellOs vs. fOrGG, YellOw vs. IdrA and NaDa vs. Jangbi. The tournament is in a double elimination format, as usual, making for even more great games to watch - some of the games are likely to be streamed, so keep an eye out for the start of the tour.

GosuGamers will have crew reporting live from the event to bring you the best coverage possible. Until then, stay tuned for more information as we get closer and closer to the event!

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