Idra joins CJ Entus

StarCraft Matt “LordWeird” Klass

After months of training with eSTRO, the American Terran player Greg 'Idra' Fields has moved over to play with CJ Entus. Idra gives an exclusive interview with Artosis and SCForAll about the move.

In a move that could be considered a giant step for foreigners in Korea, Idra has joined up with the pro team CJ Entus, home to players such as Savior, Iris/Berserker, Much, and XellOs. The always controversial Terran sat down with SCForAll to talk about the move, the World Cyber Games, and more.

Idra was asked a number a questions including who he thinks stands the best chance next to Korea for a WCG Gold, and who he feels is the best in StarCraft next to them as well. His response was an ever-so patriotic "America, of course.".

It should be noted that Idra was given a pro license by eSTRO, showing that they are taking him very seriously as a player. It is a definite possibility that this six time WCG finalist will be playing in some televised matches in the upcoming months.

You can watch the video here.

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