NonY: 'Draco is definitely able to be defeated'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 22 May 2008 11:17

Nearing the semi finals of TeamLiquid StarLeague, NonY is confident going up against his opponent Draco.
- I don't think his lack of practice would be disrespectful to me, says the American Protoss.

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Tyler "NonY" Wasieleski, Excello's top horse enters the semi final with a 4-1 score. Having lost only to BRAT_OK, he would be happy to play the Russian in the grand final.
- I'd be happy to play BRAT_OK in the final. I would look at it as a great chance to make a statement with my PvT but I would not think of it as revenge, he says.

But to reach the final he has a reborn Protoss in the form of Draco ahead of him. Undefeated so far in the tournament and showing very little rust, the Polish player Krzysztof "Draco" Nalepka will try to continue his success so far. Both players have a 2-0 score versus Protoss players, but Tyler has a bit of an upper statistical edge by not losing a single map.

NonY believes that his fans are growing in numbers with each victory, and he ends cockily that it would be cool if he captured his defeated opponent's fans and take them for his own.
- Draco fans feel free to defect should I defeat your master, he says.

On Saturday at 19:30 we will see who's fanbase gets the most add-ons, as Draco and Nony collide in the first of the two semi finals.

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