Oblivion Hack Creator Interviewed

Posted by Kirk "Cotton" Panitz at 09 May 2008 22:12

Zynastor, the creator of the infamous Oblivion hack tells us why he does it, his point of view on hacking, and plans for future hacks.

NaW-Emerald over at gained a rare chance to interview Zynastor. In this 19 question long interview NaW-Emerald was able to provide us with insight on the man behind the hack.
"I suppose the main reason for me doing this (developing hacks) is for fun, i am not out to ruin your ladders, leagues or anything like that."

An amazing look at the creator of some of the most damaging hacks ever to sweep the StarCraft competitive community.

-"Oblivion is downloaded from the original source website about 500 times every day. That equals 15 000 downloads per month, or 180 000 downloads per year."

The interview begins with how Zynastor got started in the hacking scene and takes you all the way to his future plans in hacking. You will not want to miss this one; NaW-Emerald has done a fantastic job and really brought some insight into the man behind the hack.

Links - Zynastor, The source behind the source


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