Jaedong is Player of the Year

Posted by Jon "Sp1ralArch1tect" Benn at 20 March 2008 22:37

Once a year KeSPA hands out awards for the best of the best in Korea. This year Jaedong walks away with three awards.

Moon (MYM)

In Korea StarCraft is a national sport and pastime, so it only makes sense that there is a awards ceremony ever year for the top players. They hand out awards for the best of each race, best games of the year, best team of the year, and many others. Jaedong came out with the #1 spot this year, as well as best Zerg, and the best winning percentage. The young Zerg took the spotlight this time around, but heres a look at the other winners.

KeSPA Awards

(A few of the awards have been omitted for relevance check em out at TL)
Best Match of theYear (3 can be picked)
Bisu vs Hwasin - GomTV MSL Season 3 Round of 16 Game 3
Bisu vs sAviOr - EVER OSL Round of 8, 2nd Set
sAviOr vs YellOw[ArnC] - Shinhan Bank Proleague Playoffs vs OGN

Best Ceremony
firebathero (Samsung KHAN) - Shinhan PL R1 Finals

Best Fans/Supporters
Lecaf Oz

Fairplay Team
Airforce ACE

Sportsmanship award
Goodfriend (eSTRO)

Most Improved Player
Mind (WeMade FOX)

Best New Map
Blue Storm

Best Player - Warcraft III
Moon (MeetYourMakers)

Most Wins
Stork (Samsung KHAN)

Best Win Percentage
Jaedong (Lecaf Oz)

Newcomer of the Year
Flash (KTF MagicNs)

Best Coach
Jo JeongUng (Lecaf Oz)

Best Player – Terran
Flash (KTF MagicNs)

Best Player – Zerg
Jaedong (Lecaf Oz)

Best Player – Protoss
Stork (Samsung KHAN)

Player of the Year (Team of the Year)
Jaedong (Lecaf Oz)

Starcraft Proteam of the Year
Lecaf Oz

2007 officially over

Looking back at the year we saw some amazing things happen in the Korean SC scene. Savior was toppled from his high horse finally, Stork won the WCG only to come home to lose OSL, GSI and god knows that else, and we saw the youngest winner of a OSL ever. Now that the awards have been handed out we can reminisce about all those good times that we had! Make sure you check out the interviews at with Jaedong and Flash, they are very interesting.

TeamLiquid - Source
Fomos - Photos (Korean)


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